Features & Benefits

Sims and handsetsStandard  Features
  • A Multi-IMSI-SIM specially designed for use by people who travel frequently between USA and EU countries
  • It possess both a UK (+44) Mobile Number and a USA Mobile Number
  • Use it to make and receive calls while roaming in more than 200 countries
  • You can achieve savings of up to 85% - compared to what your mobile operator charges for roaming calls
  • Works in most unlocked GSM phones
  • Voice-mail
  • GPRS
  • Multi-party Conference Call
  • Great facilities for managing roaming usage
    • Call duration, call cost and account balance delivery to your GSM handset immediately after each call
    • Call Cost Calculator available on-line at for calculating the per minute rate for calling a certain country/city and for sending an SMS message
    • On-line user name & password protected access at
      • to view Call History with Call Details Records, charges
      • to purchase additional credit for use complete with on-line payment through Moneybookers and PayPal
    • Prepaid Credit Token of various amounts for charging up the credit balance to cover air-time usage

Optional Feature

Alias personal telephone numbers of your ShuttleSIM for you to receive calls as local calls in more than 60 countries such as Canada, USA, UAE, France, Singapore, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil etc. Please enquire with our sales representative for a complete list of countries. There are additional charges for the initial set-up, monthly service fee for the Alias and an additional per minute rate charge of US$0.03/minute for receiving calls in any country.


ShuttleSIM or MultiIMSI SIM service is high quality GSM service that is provided with GSM carrier services of a well-established GSM operator of the U.K. and the U.S.A.

The user simply saves money without having to compromise on service quality expectation.

There are many spin-off benefits that result from the low-cost service. Consider the following:

  1. The user will answer every incoming call to ShuttleSIM without concerns about costs. Imagine what it would do for business and for personal/family relationships when you can afford to speak as long as you like or need to with the caller.

    Business gets better productivity as business issues and problems can be dealt with in a timely fashion without the impediment due to telephone service cost consideration;  relationships are made current and improved with timely telephone communication - again without the impediment due to telephone service cost consideration

    Outbound calls can also be made at rates that are affordable as they are some 65%-90% lower than the roaming rates that are charged by the home-country GSM operator.

  2. The user can access at anytime to view Call Details Records of usage and account status with Username (the 44... Tel. No.) and Password (the PIN of the ShuttleSIM) protection.

    In a corporation situation, the management can access the facility to view the telephone call activity of the traveling personnel.

    In a family situation, the parents or the spouse can also monitor the telephone call activity of their loved ones by simply logging on to as user to view the Call Details Records in real time.

    A complete history of telephone call activity is kept in the database of and is available to the authorized user on demand.

  3. The Alias telephone number is usually a local telephone number of the local telephone exchange. Before the user travels abroad to a country where receiving an incoming call to the ShuttleSIM is US$0.35/minute or some low affordable rates, he will arrange to forward all calls dialed to his fixed line telephone number and his local mobile number to this Alias. This facility is useful in that it avoids having to require the caller to dial a different number and the call forwarding does not incur any additional per minute cost for calling a +44 UK telephone number It offers a low-cost way of call forwarding to a roaming GSM handset when travelling abroad and you have the added advantage of not having to disclose your whereabouts when receiving your calls and the caller needs only dial your regular telephone numbers and not be put off by the thought of having to dial a +44 UK telephone number and the greater expense.

    Ecocarrier will hold a call dialed to the Alias number as it comes into Ecocarrierís service platform ("Leg 1") without answering the call and then dial out separately to your +44 UK telephone number ("Leg 2"); when you answer the Leg 2 call,  Ecocarrier's service platform then answers Leg 1 call and bridge Leg 1 and Leg 2 together to allow conversation to take place.