Service Overview 

  • Save up to 85% of call cost while roaming
  • Reliable high quality GSM service
  • Works in more than 200 countries
  • Supports SMS, Voice Mail, GPRS, and Multi-party Call Conference
  • Proven, reliable, high-quality service
  • Requires no change to the way you use your GSM handset
  • USA phone number and UK phone number

ShuttleSIM is a service for business travelers that offers low-cost international telephone call service for making calls from and receiving calls at a roaming GSM handset without having to pay the regular Roaming Charge.

ShuttleSIM is designed specially for use by people who frequently travel (shuttle) between EU countries and USA. ShuttleSim is a Dual IMSI SIM (which is a SIM that has 2 profiles - one profile for use with a USA GSM operator and another profile for use with a UK GSM operator) that comes with a USA No. and a UK No. There is an additional charge of US$0.03/minute if an inbound call is dialed to the USA No. of the ShuttleSIM instead of to its UK No.

The service works as follows:

A subscriber to the ShuttleSIM service buys a ShuttleSIM and a certain amount of credit to cover the cost of usage from a reseller of the ShuttleSIM service.

(i) To make an outbound call from anywhere in any of the countries supporting the ShuttleSIM service ("Servicing Countries")

  • Subscriber/user dials the Destination Number as +<Country Code><Area Code><Telephone Number> on the keypad of the GSM handset (or *<Country Code><Area Code><Telephone Number># if the GSM handset is not a compatiple model)
  • subscriber sees a message on the screen of the GSM handset that says, "Please wait - your call is being processed" 
    then the GSM Handset rings - a CallBack Call is received 
  • subscriber presses the "Send/Yes" key of the GSM Handset to answer the CallBack Call 
  • subscriber hears a message that says, "Please hold" 
  • subscriber then hears the ringback tone of the call to the Destination Number 
    (ii) When an inbound call is dialed by a caller to the ShuttleSIM No., the operation is as follows: 
  • caller dials the ShuttleSIM No. 
  • the roaming handset rings 
  • the subscriber/user answers the call 
  • subscriber presses the "Send/Yes" key to answer the call and is instantly connected with the calling party 

The inbound call is billed at the per minute rate for calling the mobile dialcode of the temporary local number that is assigned to the roaming handset by the local GSM operator. The rate is given by the rate calculator at

No regular Roaming Charge is applicable to the outbound or inbound call described above.

There is no charge for unsuccessful or not completed inbound or outbound calls.

However, when the handset is roaming in countries where the local GSM operator imposes a service charge to all foreign SIMs, a per minute surcharge is added to the applicable per minute rates for billing the outbound or inbound call.

But overall for the subscriber a saving of up to 85% is achieved with the use of the ShuttleSIM service.